about fedi.ninja

fedi.ninja’s goal is to build a comprehensible list/map and statistics of the known oStatus/ActivityPub fediverse.

Additionally, fedi.ninja also provides a monitoring service for instance owners.

Warning: The site and its data are currently under active development!

Other protocols than oStatus/ActivityPub may be added some day, for more details see the info page.


The current backend crawler IPs are:

API and database access

Charts API.

The rest of the API is now under work for real!

Read-only access to the fedi.ninja underlying database can be provided for research purposes. Send an email!


Licensed under the AGPL v3! Find it at git.yt/random/fediverse-network (randomly mirrored on sr.ht and github.com).

Written in Elixir, uses PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB, and licensed under AGPL; hosted on the glorious FreeBSD.

Third Party data sources