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Max Chars

All your social communications and personal information don’t inevitably have to be in the hands of some big corporation or rich individual. Many functionally-equivalent tools exist in the public domain - “Open-Source software” - for micro-blogging and instant messaging.

Tardis World is a home to one of them, Mastodon, the decentralized network of independent micro-blogging nodes. Tardis World is just one node in that network.

Tardis World is a “generalist” node open for registration to anyone.

Tardis World is currently administered by one guy, Dave, who hosts and runs it. However, if it grows into a community, other people are welcome to step up and shine. Want to get involved? Contact Dave (

Tardis World is intended to be basically “family-friendly”, but for reasonably mature minds. All interactions are supposed to be in keeping with the Code of Conduct, which aims to prevent harm, hurt or offense to registered users and the wider general public, while imposing as few restrictions as possible.

Within those bounds, the ethos is free speech and free expression, personally, socially, politically and artistically.

You can also check out the complementing PeerTube video publishing platform, Dalek Zone.

Feel free to contact Dave ( with whatever questions, requests or inquiries.

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